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This Secret Extra Plotting Step Seriously Changes Everything...

What if you could totally skip your first draft? All that stress, all that angst…POOF. Want to know how? My pleasure. It’s all about this secret extra step in the plotting process.

Challenge Update: Can I Finish MURDER FEELS CRAZY in Time?

.cover-box.left { text-align: left; } .cover-box.left { text-align: left; } Hi! As promised, here’s my Quick Novel Challenge Update.

Ok, I'm Honestly Scared to Share This...

I’m literally taking a deep breath before I tell you this… (… in … out … is this even helping? Whatever.) .

Can fun novels actually help you … grow?

So I went through this iffy period awhile back where I was reading all these classic Agatha Christie mysteries. (Maybe you can relate.) And somehow, she kept harping on the “green-eyed monster.

Does your spell checker hate you?

So, do you ever feel that your spell checker is like… Of course, yes, I’ll freely admit that the Squiggly Red Line saves my literary neck all the time.

Hilarious Cozy Mystery Alert: Gertie Johnson in Murder Passes the Buck

There’s a lot of cozy mysteries out there, but so far I’ve only found a few that are really hilarious. For me, this first adventure of Gertie Johnson, a sharp sixty-six-year-old widow in the wacky wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, hits all the right notes.