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Hi! Do you love mysteries that make you laugh?

I’m Bill Alive, and I write your kind of story. Smart detectives and zany characters in mysterious small towns that you just might grow to love.

I write in other genres too, but all my cozies have a special author name so they’re easy to find: B.T. Alive.

The Wonder Springs Cozy Mystery Series

Her unique power is secret…

But she just got framed for murder.

Can Summer use her psychic gift to catch the real killer in time?

For blurbs and more info, see: Reading Order for the Wonder Springs Mystery Series

The “Murder Feels…” Cozy Mystery Series

A detective who feels secrets?

That could get… awkward.

Then comes the crash. The cops call it an accident. But Mark felt murder.

For blurbs and more info, see: Reading Order for the “Murder Feels…” Mystery Series

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Or… are you in the mood for straight-up comedy?

Rich, Skinny, and Super Spiritual!

An Internet gazillionaire hides a desperate secret.
Also, his dolphin's missing.
And his only hope (and yours) is a zany crew of oddball bloggers.

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And if you’ve already read all those…

… there’s more to come!

Thanks again for stopping by! I’m excited to bring you more great stories in 2020.

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Happy reading!

[Bill Alive]

Bill Alive (still)

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