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Mar 12, 2021 3 min read

Free Read Friday! 🎁 📕 🎉 Chocolate, Shopping, and an Empath Cousin's Intervention

An exclusive excerpt from Murder With a Psychic Zap.

Welcome to your weekly FREE READ!

I'm trying something new in 2021. Every Friday, you'll get a free story of mine or a selection from one of my books, right here on billalive.com.

But, there's a twist. After a week, this read will usually vanish.

(Generally into a book you can go buy for a few bucks. But still.)

So read this now, while you can...

UPDATE: This read is no longer available.

Alas! The week ended, and this free read has passed.

But you can get this week's free read right here:

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And as for the read you missed here, you'll find it in full in this affordable, hilarious paranormal cozy:

Murder With a Psychic Zap

Her unique power is secret…
But her new boyfriend might be a killer.
Can Summer use her psychic gift to find the true killer in time?

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A Wonder Springs Cozy Mystery Omnibus: Books 1, 2 & 3

No one knows her secret power.…
Well... except her psychic Grandma. And empath cousin. And mind-reading parrot.
Can Summer and her zany family catch the real killers in time?
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