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Reading the novels isn’t enough? Don’t worry, I post updates…

A Cozy Sleuth Speaks Out on Chocolate 🍫

So, my wife Beth thought this might make you laugh. At least, she loved it. It’s a snippet from my new funny cozy mystery. And here in the U.

New Release! Is Her Best Friend a Killer? [Read My New Funny Cozy!] 📕 🎉

What if your best friend was accused of murder? And even though she was usually the kindest, sweetest person you knew (not to mention an empath)…

I helped write a movie! 😮 🎥 🏆 [Watch it free]

Hi ! So, I know it’s been awhile. But I’ve been writing hard. Writing you an all-new funny mystery series. New zany characters, new cozy little town in country Virginia, new psychic powers… you’re going to love this.

New Release! The Affair of the Hideous Vase

Hi ! My new funny mystery is now free live on Amazon! [UPDATE: Alas, the free launch promo has ended. Sign up for my newsletter to get future launch discounts.

Site revamp for 2020!

TL;DR I wrote a LOT last year. This year, I also want to keep in touch. With readers like you. Which includes actually posting updates around here…

Funny Quotes to Share from My New Release

These cards are pretty fun. :) Note the sale price. My new book, The Punctuality Machine, is on sale for 99 cents until next Thursday, Mar 7, so please make sure to share before then.