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New Release! Time travel gone so wrong…

Time travel will fix it all! Not. These people will be lucky to survive… .cover-box.left { text-align: left; } Let’s face it.

The Glider with the Corpse

Do you ever wonder where authors get their ideas? It seems to be a reader obsession. Stephen King got the question so often that at one point, whenever people asked, “So where do you get your ideas?

How to Make Murder Funny (Or Not) - Part 1

How do you make murder funny? Or do you? YOU MEAN IN REAL LIFE??? No! I mean stories. Murder mysteries. How do you take something as horrifying as murder and weave it into a story that’s actually fun?

What Would It REALLY Feel Like to Catch Murderers?

Can you imagine getting the chance to ACTUALLY hunt a murderer? Much less meeting a real empath? Someone who can really feel other people’s secret emotions and pain?

Exciting Plans! And a Quick Favor, With NO Butterscotch...

Hi! So I have this quick favor to ask you, two minutes tops, and I promise it doesn’t involve butterscotch. (I’m not a huge butterscotch fan.

You Have to Hear This! You'll Be So Excited! (At Least, I Am!)

Hi! So, I could try to be all clever and witty about this, but honestly, my word magic’s a bit tapped out just now. I have a good reason, though…