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Feb 6, 2020 6 min read

Reading Order for the "Murder Feels…" Mystery Series

billalive: this long session included not only this and the following reading order list, but also some site tweaks and fixes.

Ready to read the cozy mystery adventures of Mark the Empath Detective, as told by his excitable sidekick, Pete? Here’s the preferred reading order for this series.

CHEAT CODE: It’s an “alphabet mystery” series. The key word of each title starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Book 1 has “A” for “Awful”, Book 2 has “B” for “Bad”, and so on.

Nice and easy.

Quick Reading Order

Book 1
Murder Feels Awful
OPTIONAL after Book 1 (see below for details)
High-Rise Demise: The Empath’s First Case
Book 2
Murder Feels Bad
Book 3
Murder Feels Crazy
Book 4 (forthcoming)
Murder Feels Deadly

For covers, blurbs, and more details, see below.


Q: Can I read these books in any order?

A: Technically, yes. But why would you?

Each book in this mystery is a standalone mystery, so yes, you can read them in any order.

However, there’s also a legit series arc here, with character growth, tasty long-term plot questions, and a growing menace from a Big Baddie. So starting at Book 1 is definitely more fun.

Q: Isn’t this the “Empath Detective” Mystery Series?

A: Yes, that’s the original / official name…

… and the name you might see on Amazon or in the books themselves (until I update them).

It’s also on the covers.

But whenever I talk to people, they want to call it the “Murder Feels…” series, so I’ve kind of given up. Whatever works. 😄

For now, let’s consider “Murder Feels…” the official… nickname.

Reading Order (with Covers, Blurbs, and More)

Book 1

Murder Feels Awful

A detective who feels secrets?
That could get... awkward.
Then comes the crash. The cops call it an accident. But Mark felt murder.

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(OPTIONAL): FREE Prequel Novella after Book 1

Okay, here’s the one exception to the easy “alphabet” reading order. After Book 1, you CAN proceed directly to Book 2, BUT I suggest that you next get this FREE novella. You’ll read the backstory on Mark’s first case… and his tragic relationship with Akina.

You don’t ABSOLUTELY have to read this right after Book 1… but you should. 😉 At least read it before Book 3…

You DO need to read Book 1 first. At least, Book 1 is a much better way to meet Mark and Pete.

High-Rise Demise: The Empath's First Case

He's an empath. He feels secrets.
He just doesn't know it.
Until he feels the murder...


Book 2

Murder Feels Bad

A murder at a wedding?
Come on. And the cops are calling it suicide!
But Mark felt murder.

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Book 3

Murder Feels Crazy

Mark is finally feeling pretty good.
For an empath detective, that's a big deal.
Then the murders begin...

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(OPTIONAL) BOX SET: Books 1 to 3

If you know you’re going to read all three, save money and get Books 1, 2, and 3 in this box set:

Murder Feels Awful, Bad, and Crazy

The first three novels in this fantastic series...
For a fantastic price.

Get It Now

Book 4

STATUS: Coming soon(ish)… first I have to finish Murder in a Psychic Prison.

That’s all for now!

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P.S. Thanks to reader Stephony for requesting reading order lists! I hadn’t even thought to do this. If you have a suggestion for this site, please let me know.