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19 September / / writing / reading
Can you imagine getting the chance to ACTUALLY hunt a murderer? Much less meeting a real empath? Someone who can really feel other people’s secret emotions and pain? I don’t know about you, but I’d feel… EXCITED!! Scared, maybe, sure. Especially if you found them. But at the start, at least … excited! I’ve read so many mystery stories, sure (I even write them). But this, THIS would be REAL.
26 July / / reading
Hi! So last time I promised you this quick little story … which is also a Magical Anti-Nagging Kid Trick … all to help make up for when I said the “S” word. That’s right. I admit it, I said … salesman. I don’t know about you, but I usually hate being sold to. ME TOO! I HATE BEING SOLD TO! I THINK! Most of my author friends feel the same way.
17 July / / reading
What’s even better than free novels for you to read? How about free novels that make you look fantastic? WHAT? HOW CAN FREE NOVELS MAKE ME LOOK FANTASTIC? Because it’s giveaway time! I’m featuring the first Mark and Pete comedy mystery adventure, Murder Feels Awful, in not one, but TWO, free BookSweeps giveaways. Check out all the free books they’re giving away (not to mention the free ereader):
26 April / / reading
So I went through this iffy period awhile back where I was reading all these classic Agatha Christie mysteries. (Maybe you can relate.) And somehow, she kept harping on the “green-eyed monster.” Oops, wrong monster. Christie was, of course, being super classy and referencing Shakespeare. The famous line in Othello reads: “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on.
28 March / / reading
So, do you ever feel that your spell checker is like… Of course, yes, I’ll freely admit that the Squiggly Red Line saves my literary neck all the time. In fact, I just managed to mistype “squiggly”. But what about this whole ideal of perfect spelling being moderated by a computer? That’s another question entirely. Especially when you’re telling a story. Especially as told by a chatty, effervescent guy like Pete Villette.
20 February / / reading
When do you quit reading a novel? If that question sounds familiar, it’s because I already asked it in another post. So the next question is … what about everyone else? Their secret “rules” may surprise you… I send this question to my VIP Reader Email Club, and it’s one of my favorite questions I ever ask. I’m blown away by the volume of responses I get … and some of you are hilarious.
20 February / / reading
Okay, I know this is a deeply personal question, BUT … When do you quit reading a novel? Or do you? Do you have particular triggers that make you quit? Cursing? Violence? Sex? Gratuitous brand names? (Dear fellow authors, please don’t ever introduce a character by their car again … ever …) Is a single trigger offense all it takes? Or do they get a few strikes before they’re out?