Murder Feels Crazy Novel Writing Challenge

You Have to Hear This! You'll Be So Excited! (At Least, I Am!)

Hi! So, I could try to be all clever and witty about this, but honestly, my word magic’s a bit tapped out just now. I have a good reason, though…

You Can't Read Just One of These Hilarious CRAZY LAWS

So, I had this nice little post all planned out for you. Great hook, a useful takeaway that you could try out yourself, and even a socially redeeming side to this whole “humor” thing.

You Won't Believe This Is Actually Illegal

Writing a novel can sometimes feel like a slog through a jungle packed with land mines. The good part is, they’re often filled with confetti.

The Magical Anti-Nagging Kid Trick

Hi! So last time I promised you this quick little story … which is also a Magical Anti-Nagging Kid Trick … all to help make up for when I said the “S” word.

Could Free Novels Make You Look Fantastic?

What’s even better than free novels for you to read? How about free novels that make you look fantastic? WHAT? HOW CAN FREE NOVELS MAKE ME LOOK FANTASTIC?

Warning! New Writers Get This Secret Exactly Wrong...

Hi! So this novel challenge update will be fairly short. And short, as you’ll see, is this week’s secret… First off: THE DRAFT HAS BEGUN IN EARNEST.